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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camp was supppeeer awesome..
I really liked my instructor, Ziad.
My group was like.. super enthu throughout the entire camp
I loved it a lot
To think i wanted to change group in the beginning...
thinking i wouldn't fit in..
Soulja boy!!!!

Anyways, imma kind of emo after camp..
Theres some rumors being spread around that really
makes me angry to the core of the earth;;;

Homework still left a lot to do~~
extremely sianded!!!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Simone [:
Berlin xD
Randall :D:D:D:D:D:D

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

These few days have been rainy days in my head (@_@)
People around have been telling me to just let it fall.
Because there is always a rainbow after the rain.
But what if the rainbow never comes?

This years CDC was pretty fun, 
not as fun as last years but still can make it.
1st day got pasar malam.
Like shit like that.
But i still contented that the sec 1s actually learn their mistakes.
The next day was NDP training.
The others still in camp were having a super slack heritage trail.
Going places like little india and chinatown to just find culture.
It was a really hot saturday and i had times i felt like falling out.
Especially during the 2km march!!!
After that was over, i went home, took a shower.
Came back to school to listen to the groups present their powerpoint on the diff cultures.
But there was this person who kept laughing at my group and i'm super pissed at.
It's not like his group is the best of them all.
Think so highly of yourself much?
The next day i had dragon boating and a mini expedition.
I was station master for the cycling expedition and my activities were super cruel.
I made the teams run down the jetty making motor noises.
and some one them swimming like a fish.
Really funny, but hot like crap.
There was really kind old man.
Seeing my and jesmond like want to die like that.
He offer us the umbrella seat but we were man enough to reject his offer xD
After that we had to plan a route to kallang.
I was extremely comtented with my route because i have never read a map before.
And yet i was the third group.
Maybe if we walked slightly faster we could have reached.
But im still contented.
Dragon boating was fun fun fun :D:D:D:D
I was the pacer
So i had to shout the commands for the people to follow me.
The funniest part of the whole things was the showering part.
Because there were no shoewr stalls, 
everyone didn't dare take off their underwear.
Except the blur kings who were clearly having social suicide.
Overall the camp gave me alot of cramps and like most camps,
we developed hatred for certain groups of people who were irritating to the core of the earth can?
Also, i went out a few times so far.
This first time i went out was with rach, eunice, melson and filicks.
melson and filicks are from punggol sec
How we got to know them?
Not telling =X
They were kind of quiet and i guess i was the loudest.
As usual.
Then we watched movie at the new bugis shopping mall,
The illuma or somethings.
It was really cool,
I really like the xterior and interior designing of the mall
really creative and funky
the movie was ok-ok
btw, it's terminator salvation !_!
And very cold
eunice had to use my bag as her leg warmer
and i was already wearing 3 sets of clothes
a buttoned shirt
a vest
and a jacket.
I was still shaking xD
Something happened in the cinema which made me and eunice laugh our ass off.
I put my head on eunice shoulder then she started screaming
Eunice is really one funny person.
After that, i went out with simone and jeekin,
super funny also
I have never seen jeekin before other than some occasional photos in her blog
he has a lot of pimples and reminds me of xufan and justin
because of the hair.
It was quite cool really.
He's quite a funny guy
Nowonder simone likes him as a friend
we were walking around vivocity looking for sports t-shirts which were dry fit for 
jeekin's tennis games.
not as interesting...
After that, i went out with zhiyong and engliang to watch movie, 
super funny also
zhiyong and me walk together then simone seniors say we gay
especially after which,
i was holding flowers in my hands xD
Simone's seniors say me from behind then say 
''simone the boyfriend not bad eh~~''

posted by ~{*-[THe Em0 witHiN}-*]~ @ 3:15 AM